Soundtrack your rainy nights with beatmaker Kon.kiri

Slick production for those slippery streets.


The SoundCloud tag says “#wetasphaltmusic,” so you know it’s going to be good.

That’s not sarcastic, either. Rainy day music is delightfully atmospheric, and that’s no different on Kon.kiri’s “Night.citylightss.” (A shout-out as well for incorporating a period into his stage name, which is rare.)

“Night.citylightss” is the perfect title for this moody, understated track. It opens with the sound of birdcalls, which are not usually associated with nighttime. But the dusky instrumental contrasts well with the subtle chirps in the background,¬†creating nice textures.

The track stays subdued throughout, but still manages to feel intense. At times, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear a sudden burst of bass or blast of noise. But that never comes, keeping the anticipation up throughout. Tracks like this can feel monochrome, but “Night.citylightss” feels colourful and full of life.

And considering the artwork is¬†monochrome, that’s pretty impressive.

Find Kon.kiri on Facebook.

Author: trentonburton

I am an amateur electronic musician, a writer, and a second-year CreComm student at Red River College.

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