The Nature Sounds of Zap Holmes

Nature-themed music is always a treat, and Gothenburg producer Zap Holmes treats us well on his newest EP, Dew / Blue Tit. 

The tracks are appropriately-named, with “Dew” featuring a smooth sax line and “Blue Tit” sampling bird song.

Too often, artists don’t create a cohesive theme between their music and its cover art. Dark music may be paired with cheery scenery; slick, polished music may be paired with hand-drawn scribblings. This contrast can work well, but most of the time, it creates an unwelcome dissonance.

That’s far from a problem on Dew / Blue Tit, which sounds exactly how it looks. The pastel blue matches up perfectly with the smooth, chirpy sounds. And of course, no nature-themed artwork is complete without trees, which provide contrast and depth.

Zap Holmes’ production is excellent here. The percussion and synth interplay creates a fantastic atmosphere, and both tracks manage to sound varied without losing their theme.

While both tracks are great, “Blue Tit” is the highlight.  Its syrupy-sweet melodies manage to stay catchy without becoming kitschy.

Dew / Blue Tit is highly recommended as we move into a (hopefully) warm spring.

Find Zap Holmes on:





Author: trentonburton

I am an amateur electronic musician, a writer, and a second-year CreComm student at Red River College.

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